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Little Madmen: Correspondents' Tales

Caught between huge conflicting forces, people look with foreboding on the gathering clouds of war
1.Points of Crisis
The rise of Kim Dae Jung and the high price of his failed drive for reconciliation with North Korea
Three contributions on Korea -- North, South and Kim Dae Jung -- for this massive five-volume work on human rights issues worldwide
Dispelling myths about the sinking of the South Korean navy corvette the Cheonan in March 2010
Memories of the Vietnam War and its aftermath from the arrival of U.S. forces to the release of the last U.S. POWs
The Vietnam War as it spread through Cambodia and Laos into northern and northeastern Thailand
Washington's pact with Pyongyang won't help the starving children
2.Covering Korea
Q&A, Asia-Pacific Businss & Technology Report
Looking back to the Old Days: A Correspondent's Field Manual; A Reader’s Guide to Real News:
Korea through the eyes of correspondents who were there, 1871-2006
Following the story
How the news goes in and out of the Hermit Kingdom
3. Business and Economy
The Rev. Moon's empire bouncing back in South Korea
Play-by-play account of the meltdown that nearly bankrupted the South Korean economy
The story of North Korea's 105-story white elephant
An unauthorized study of Korea's largest business group, its triumphs and failures, and the peasant's son who founded it.... "Korean Dynasty is a must read for business people and students of business and the social sciences learning about the socio-economics of Asia." Business Book Review Library; 1995, Vol. 12 Issue 2, p1
The ultimate business reference to the Philippines, providing practical advice from leading experts
Iraq and South Korea face contrasting economic problems and issues, as seen in these articles for Institutional Investor
4. Seoul-Searching
I.--Heart and Seoul: From the ashes of war, Korea's capital rises like a phoenix to world-class. II.--Three Perfect Days: Wining, dining, sightseeing and strolling around one of the world's oldest and greatest capitals

Hither and Yon

Where does bankrupt North Korea get the cash for those skyscrapers and missiles?

August 26, 2016

Tags: North Korea exports, Russia, China, Dandong, Sinuiju, Tumen River, Yalu River, Kaesong

By World Tribune on August 25, 2016
Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk

U.S.-China relations are at their worst in years, and North and South Korean are not getting along either. In fact, relations between those two are at such a low ebb that two-way trade, once about several hundred million dollars a (more…)

Why North Korea has become flavor of the month for American media

August 11, 2016

Tags: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Bob Woodruff, Tony Namkung

"What counts is the story the North Koreans want the world to know"
Donald Kirk August 11th, 2016
North Korea is looking like the flavor of the month for American broadcast media.

ABC’s Bob Woodruff was just there, interviewing a foreign ministry official, flying over Pyongyang for an unprecedented view of the capital, mixing (more…)

Can a nation so divided against itself stand?

August 1, 2016

Tags: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, President Obama, 2016 presidential campaign

July 31, 2016
Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk

WASHINGTON -- The two top American political parties are so badly fractured you wonder if they’ll ever come together again. And that’s to say nothing of the American public: that is, the vast majority who don’t participate in party politics at all.

It’s (more…)

Brexit comes as a shock depending on which Brits you talk to

July 1, 2016

Tags: Brexit, The City of London, The City, Oxford, Cambridge, Germany, Churchill, sterling, franc, mark, lire, Euro, European Union

By World Tribune on June 30, 2016
Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk

WASHINGTON ― We’ve been reading for so long about Britain’s economic troubles, the social system and the culture intertwined with the country’s slow, not always graceful, decline, that the British exit from the European Union comes as less than a (more…)

Shooting it out in America, and may the good guys win

June 18, 2016

Tags: Words or phrases to categorize this post for the tags section

By World Tribune on June 17, 2016
Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk, EastAsiaIntel.com

[Editors’ Note: Don Kirk normally lives in Seoul under the constant threat of a nuclear missile attack from North Korea. Currently on a road trip back in the USA, he’s taking dead aim at the “gun nuts” on this (more…)

Surreal world: Ever notice how celebrity visitors to N. Korea have nothing to say about horrors there?

June 11, 2016

Tags: North Korea, Kim Jong-un, Muhammad Ali, Inoki, Ric Flair, Gloria Steinem, Yanji, Rason, Chongjin, Nobel Peace Prize

By World Tribune on June 9, 2016
Special to WorldTribune.com

DonKirk3By Donald Kirk, EastAsiaIntel.com

North Korea, that is the people who run the place, likes nothing better than endorsements from foreign visitors.

The list of foreigners paying obeisance to the Kim regime, Kim Jong-Un and his father and grandfather before him, is quite (more…)

North Korea ‘experts’ agree on the certainty of uncertain outcomes

June 3, 2016

Tags: Jeju Peace Forum, Song Min-soon, Yu Myung-Hwan, Roh Moo-hyun, G. John Ikenberry, Peter Hayes, North Korea, nuclear, Zhengqiang Pan

By World Tribune on June 2, 2016
Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk, EastAsiaIntel.com

JEJU ― Ask an expert analyst how to deal with North Korea, and the responses range from getting tough to massaging gently.

Nobody has the real answer ― though some people like to talk with absolute certainty ― and there’s no proof (more…)

Art of the deal: How about a summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un at the Korean DMZ?

May 29, 2016

Tags: Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, Hillary Clinton, JSA, DMZ, Korea, Workers' Party, Vietnam

By World Tribune on May 26, 2016
Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk, EastAsiaIntel.com

Donald Trump may be running neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential sweepstakes if the polls are at all credible, but there’s one constituency in which he appears to be well ahead. That’s within (more…)

The South Korean split over Gwangju revolt still festers, empowering the North

May 20, 2016

Tags: Gwangju uprising, May 18, Kim Dae-jung, Chun Doo-hwan, Gwangju, North Korea, Kim Jong-un

Special to WorldTribune.com
By Donald Kirk, EastAsiaIntel.com

GWANGJU ― The ghosts of the uprising of May 18, 1980, hover over this old but new city in a restive spirit that shows the disunity, the factional splits and the regional hatreds that persist in undermining the ability of South Korea to stand effectively against challenges (more…)

Does China have more influence over South Korea than North Korea?

May 12, 2016

Tags: Shen Yun Performing Arts, New Cosmos Media, Falun Gong, Suwon, North Korea, China, KBS, Gyeonggi Arts Center

Special to WorldTribune.com
By Donald Kirk, EastAsiaIntel.com

We keep hearing about all the influence the Chinese have over North Korea.
If only they'd exert their power, maybe cut off or slow down the flow of oil that's the lifeblood of the country, then the North Koreans would start talking seriously about giving (more…)

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