Little Madmen: Correspondents' Tales

Caught between huge conflicting forces, people look with foreboding on the gathering clouds of war
1.Points of Crisis
The rise of Kim Dae Jung and the high price of his failed drive for reconciliation with North Korea
Three contributions on Korea -- North, South and Kim Dae Jung -- for this massive five-volume work on human rights issues worldwide
Dispelling myths about the sinking of the South Korean navy corvette the Cheonan in March 2010
Memories of the Vietnam War and its aftermath from the arrival of U.S. forces to the release of the last U.S. POWs
The Vietnam War as it spread through Cambodia and Laos into northern and northeastern Thailand
Washington's pact with Pyongyang won't help the starving children
2.Covering Korea
Q&A, Asia-Pacific Businss & Technology Report
Looking back to the Old Days: A Correspondent's Field Manual; A Reader’s Guide to Real News:
Korea through the eyes of correspondents who were there, 1871-2006
Following the story
How the news goes in and out of the Hermit Kingdom
3. Business and Economy
The Rev. Moon's empire bouncing back in South Korea
Play-by-play account of the meltdown that nearly bankrupted the South Korean economy
The story of North Korea's 105-story white elephant
An unauthorized study of Korea's largest business group, its triumphs and failures, and the peasant's son who founded it.... "Korean Dynasty is a must read for business people and students of business and the social sciences learning about the socio-economics of Asia." Business Book Review Library; 1995, Vol. 12 Issue 2, p1
The ultimate business reference to the Philippines, providing practical advice from leading experts
Iraq and South Korea face contrasting economic problems and issues, as seen in these articles for Institutional Investor
4. Seoul-Searching
I.--Heart and Seoul: From the ashes of war, Korea's capital rises like a phoenix to world-class. II.--Three Perfect Days: Wining, dining, sightseeing and strolling around one of the world's oldest and greatest capitals

Hither and Yon

2 tough Asian leaders will be rememered longer than nicer mediocrities

March 26, 2015

Tags: Lee Kuan Yew, Park Chung-hee, Kim Dae-jung, Singapore, Korea, Kim Il-sung, Park Geun-hye, Lee Hsien Loong, Chun Doo-hwan

Special to
By Donald Kirk,
When it comes to judging the performance of deceased national leaders under the icy glare of historical research, strongmen go down in collective memory as tough guys who defeated their enemies and built up their countries. Weak leaders are often regarded as mediocrities, especially if (more…)

Irreconcilable differences: Let’s not go to pieces over peace

March 21, 2015

Tags: BenjaminNetanyahu, John Boehner, Palestine, two-state solution, Gaza strip, Israel, North Korea, Kashmir, India, Pakistan

Special to
By Donald Kirk,
Some of the terrible problems we read, hear and talk about so often are beyond solution.
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated this week that as long as he was in office there would not be a Palestinian state. The two-state idea, he said, (more…)

Friend or foe? Attacks on U.S. ambassadors in safe neighborhoods

March 12, 2015

Tags: Mark Lippert, Hirobumi Ito, Edwin O. Reischauer, Ahn Jung-geun, South Korea, Japan

By Donald Kirk,
Incredibly, crackpots on the left, quick to echo any line from North Korea, compare the attack on U.S. ambassador Mark Lippert to the assassination of Hirobumi Ito, Japanese resident-general of Korea in the early days of the Japanese colonial era. I’ve received messages to that effect from (more…)

Dealing with Iran: Give diplomacy a shot

March 7, 2015

Tags: Netanyahu, Iran, Persia, North Korea, Israel, ISIL

Special to
By Donald Kirk,
WASHINGTON — Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s exhortations to the U.S. Congress to forget about a “bad deal” with Iran avoids one problem. Absent a deal, who believes Iran will scale down its nuclear program? Is Iran likely to give up on the whole idea (more…)

With all the angst over Netanyahu’s visit and Iran, why no mention of North Korea?

February 26, 2015

Tags: Netanyahu, Boehner, Iran, nuclear program, North Korea

Special to
By Donald Kirk,
President Obama faces a foreign policy predicament of gigantic proportions.
The leader of Israel is coming to Washington, doing an end run around the White House, taking his case to a Republican-controlled Congress that’s eager for just about any excuse to pillory the President.

As Korean crisis looms, a Kissingeresque 'Peace-is-at-hand' fix is the wrong answer

February 12, 2015

Tags: Kissinger, John Negroponte, Paris peace, Rory Kennedy, "Last Days in Vietnam, " North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Le Duc Tho

As Korean crisis looms, a Kissingeresque ‘Peace-is-at-hand’ fix is the wrong answer
Special to
By Donald Kirk,
Comparisons between the Korean and Vietnam wars have always been misleading if not ridiculous, never more so than when Henry Kissinger, in a new documentary, “Last Days in Vietnam,” says that he (more…)

What Kenji Goto understood that his killers did not

February 5, 2015

Tags: kenji goto, isis, vietnam, cambodia, baghdad, iraq, syria, isil, ampatuan, philippines, maguindanao

Special to
By Donald Kirk,
The murder of journalists at the hands of ISIS forces shows how far a few daring correspondents will go to find out what’s going on.
Covering wars has always been hazardous, never more so than when highly resourceful, motivated reporters go beyond the protective (more…)

War and peace, then and now

January 30, 2015

Tags: Vietnam War, Bill Cunningham, Don Tate, Cambodia, Canadian TV, Scripps-Howard

Special to
By Donald Kirk,
In sunny Florida, while storms and blizzards rage in the American Northeast, old war correspondents from our days in Vietnam and Cambodia talk about those days of fighting in the jungles, of going down remote roads, of running into the bad guys and coming back (more…)

Journalism nightmare: How to confirm a defector’s story about surviving the kingdom of lies

January 24, 2015

Tags: North Korea, defectors, Shin Dong-hyuk, Tumen River, Blaine Harden, China, Jilin Province

Special to
By Donald Kirk,
Defectors from North Korea all have harrowing tales of suffering that are difficult to imagine in real life.
Their stories differ widely depending on the circumstances — some have spent time in prisons, most have not. Many have been hungry, or have seen relatives and friends (more…)

Obama, the Great Conciliator, makes solidarity a one-man show

January 16, 2015

Tags: President Obama, Charlie Hebdo, Al Qaida, ISIL, Taliban

Special to
By Donald Kirk,
WASHINGTON — Incredibly, President Obama was the missing man among world leaders massed in tight formation in the front rank of the peace march mourning the slaughter of a dozen people at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and four more killed in a kosher supermarket (more…)

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