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Little Madmen: Correspondents' Tales

Donald Kirk and Kisam Kim explain in detail the campaign of the president of Korea for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Caught between huge conflicting forces, people look with foreboding on the gathering clouds of war
1.Points of Crisis
The rise of Kim Dae Jung and the high price of his failed drive for reconciliation with North Korea
Three contributions on Korea -- North, South and Kim Dae Jung -- for this massive five-volume work on human rights issues worldwide
Dispelling myths about the sinking of the South Korean navy corvette the Cheonan in March 2010
Memories of the Vietnam War and its aftermath from the arrival of U.S. forces to the release of the last U.S. POWs
The Vietnam War as it spread through Cambodia and Laos into northern and northeastern Thailand
Washington's pact with Pyongyang won't help the starving children
2.Covering Korea
Q&A, Asia-Pacific Businss & Technology Report
Looking back to the Old Days: A Correspondent's Field Manual; A Reader’s Guide to Real News:
Korea through the eyes of correspondents who were there, 1871-2006
Following the story
How the news goes in and out of the Hermit Kingdom
3. Business and Economy
The Rev. Moon's empire bouncing back in South Korea
Play-by-play account of the meltdown that nearly bankrupted the South Korean economy
The story of North Korea's 105-story white elephant
An unauthorized study of Korea's largest business group, its triumphs and failures, and the peasant's son who founded it
The ultimate business reference to the Philippines, providing practical advice from leading experts
Iraq and South Korea face contrasting economic problems and issues, as seen in these articles for Institutional Investor
4. Seoul-Searching
I.--Heart and Seoul: From the ashes of war, Korea's capital rises like a phoenix to world-class. II.--Three Perfect Days: Wining, dining, sightseeing and strolling around one of the world's oldest and greatest capitals

Hither and Yon

Unfree China using ‘sharp power’ to redefine reality at home and abroad

January 1, 2019

December 30, 2018

Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk

China’s overwhelming trade surpluses with just about all its trading partners, notably the U.S., are hardly the only worrisome aspect of Chinese expansionism. Along with China’s aggressive militarism, we are hearing constantly about the nation’s use of “sharp power” to advance its (more…)

Why the South Korean president never mentions human rights in the North

December 14, 2018

December 13, 2018, Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk

It’s fine to talk to the North Koreans about their nukes and missiles. Go ahead and tell them they’re a threat to the world, the human race, to civilization. No problem. The North’s stock retort is they’re needed for self-defense against the (more…)

All aboard for Pyongyang: Rail links from Busan to Europe would be world-changing

December 2, 2018

November 30, 2018

Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk

WASHINGTON: Rail travel has a special fascination for me. My home in New Jersey was near the tracks of the mighty Pennsylvania Railroad, about 45 minutes from New York.

I remember watching the trains roar by as a kid, counting the number of cars on the long (more…)

U.S. has far more troops in Japan than Korea; Okinawa governor rejects new Marine air base

November 17, 2018

November 15, 2018

Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk

WASHINGTON ― We hear so much about North Korea’s secret bases that it’s sometimes easy to forget the ruckus over U.S. bases in the region. They may not be secret, but they can be controversial.

Take, for instance, the huge U.S. air and (more…)

Another North Korean invasion of the South? Not so unthinkable

November 10, 2018

November 9, 2018
Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk

Korean history over the past century has been so full of surprises that it’s risky to make serious predictions.

The North Korean invasion of the South in June 1950, ordered by Kim dynasty founder Kim Il-Sung, was the worst, most tragic surprise of all. So traumatic (more…)

Don’t forget the forgotten people when bargaining for Korean peace

October 25, 2018

Defector: Don’t forget the forgotten people when bargaining for Korean peace
By World Tribune on October 12, 2018

By Donald Kirk

WASHINGTON ― How about Pope Francis inspiring millions of the faithful in North Korea as he did in South Korea four years ago? Can we picture highly organized throngs cheering him on the way in (more…)

Sweltering with summit fever

August 21, 2018

Posted : 2018-08-16

By Donald Kirk

Summit fever these days is as hot as the weather. We face weeks of heated debate in the run-up to a third summit between President Moon Jae-in and North Korea's Kim Jong-un and maybe a second summit between President Donald Trump and Kim. The Moon-Kim summit is going (more…)

Time of transition for U.S. forces in Korea

July 1, 2018

June 28, 2018

Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk

The U.S. Forces Korea (USFK) is going through agonizing changes. Cancellation of joint U.S.-South Korean war games is not the only sign of the shifting U.S. military role.

The USFK and the United Nations Command have just staged (more…)

Skeptical minds want to know: What next with North Korean denuclearization?

June 22, 2018

June 21, 2018

Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk

The most obvious lesson of the Singapore summit is that “complete denuclearization” is mission impossible. The North Koreans since then haven’t used the “n” word ― “n” for nuclear ― while talking in generalities about the need to respect everyone’s “sovereignty” along with the statement signed (more…)

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