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The Business Guide
to the Philippines

(Butterworth-Heinemann, UK and Singapore, paper, 1998)

"All contributors are experts and specialists in their fields, providing you with an unparalleled wealth of insider knowledge. Each chapter is packed with the kind of information and advice usually available only to elite clients with large budgets for outside consultants." 

- Forbes.com Book Club


"A guide for potential investors which covers negotiation preparation, marketing and distribution, foreign trade, taxation, customs, intellectual property and business law, financing, economic conditions and trends, environmental regulation, the work force, and other information."

- Book News


From the publisher:

"An essential guide to avoiding costly mistakes.

"Once the economic 'sick man' of Asia, the Philippines has emerged as a prime prospect for business in the region even as the economies of other Asian countries suffer economic turmoil. Whether you're interested in marketing, investing or simply setting up an office, this guide tells you how to go about it. A team of experts, led by veteran journalist and author Donald Kirk, offers useful tips and background on a wide range of topics as well as a realistic assessment of business and economic conditions.

"The Business Guide to the Philippines, part of the Business Guide to Asia Series, provides detailed information on setting up and running business ventures in the Philippines.

"The Business Guides are aimed at business people requiring an accurate and up-to-date guide to how business is organised and regulated in Asia.

"Business Guides aim to cover : *negotiation preparation *foreign trade *Customs *business law *financing *marketing and distribution *taxation *intellectual property *foreign investment *economic conditions and trends"