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Bases of Discontent

Old Japanese hangar looms ominously across farmland at Alldreu Airfield, Japanese base built by forced Korean labor in the 1930s. The base was used by Japanese zeros taking off on Kamikaze missions.

Clouds over Okinawa

Protesters at the rally
Listening to speeches at the protest rally
At protest rally, Ginowan City, Okinawa
Protesters gather outside marines' Futenma base
Overlooking Futenma Marine Air Station, Ginowan


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I admire and appreciate your years of experiences being presented to us, in a way that's direct and yet, helps explain matters to a novice.
The fact that the North has distracted the world with it's ballistic missile program is frightening, because if they were to attack the US with a nuclear weapon, I don't believe that they'd bother with an ICBM, which we could easily destroy with an Aegis cruiser. No, instead, they're more likely to load a weapon into a shipping container and set a timer for two days after it arrives in Seattle.
By then, Kim & Co would have fled the country, and we'd end up killing a million innocents in Pyongyang.
The best way to prevent that from happening is to educate people about what's happening there. Thank you for your work to that end.