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Hither and Yon

Remembering when journalists covered the government, rather than belonging to it

By World Tribune on October 6, 2016
Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk

The late Don Oberdorfer would surely have had qualms with the award named for him and presented by U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert to Noh Hyo-dong, the longtime diplomatic and Washington correspondent for Yonhap News Agency.

Why would a top U.S.  Read More 
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Friend or foe? Attacks on U.S. ambassadors in safe neighborhoods

By Donald Kirk, East-Asia-Intel.com
Incredibly, crackpots on the left, quick to echo any line from North Korea, compare the attack on U.S. ambassador Mark Lippert to the assassination of Hirobumi Ito, Japanese resident-general of Korea in the early days of the Japanese colonial era. I’ve received messages to that effect from  Read More 
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