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Hither and Yon

Tillerson’s stealth diplomacy in Qatar, host to largest U.S. overseas air base

July 13, 2017
Special to WorldTribune.com

By Donald Kirk

WASHINGTON ― We hear so often about tight U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia that we forget the Saudis kicked out the last U.S. troops in the early 2000’s.

Seems they regarded the U.S. presence as an affront to Islam more than a decade after  Read More 
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Betraying our allies: Lessons unlearned by less-than-compassionate foreign policy liberals

Special to WorldTribune.com
By Donald Kirk, East-Asia-Intel.com
SAIGON — It’s become fashionable among intellectuals from left and right to talk about the Vietnam War in terms of “lessons learned.”
Better yet, critics of U.S. policy write and talk about “lessons not learned.” One of the latter emailed asking me to tell  Read More 
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